Mālama Maui – ECO Footprints

Mālama (pronounced Mah lah mah) is the Hawaiian word for “to care for, preserve and protect the island and its people”.  Thousands of Maui’s guests drive through small cultural villages to visit the pristine pools, streams and beaches along the Road to Hāna every day. 

The negative impact of pollutants from humans affects our rainforest and finely balanced ecological habitats, including coral reefs, and must be minimized at all costs.  Please do your part in protecting Maui’s delicate environment and reduce your ECO footprints and remember to Mālama Maui!

Please remember to bring a bag designated for trash in your car.  There are also many trashcans at public parks.  If you see someone else’s trash left behind, and you feel so inclined, please pick it up.

Aside from the obvious impact of litter, one of the most common mistakes happens when our guests lather on the sunscreen and mosquito repellant, and then swim in a freshwater pool, stream or the ocean. 

Be aware, the chemicals from sunscreen and mosquito repellants will wash off your skin, harmfully affecting the flourishing aquatic life and sensitive biological balance in Maui’s freshwater pools and streams before they are washed downstream through the delicate ecosystem to local farms, taro crops and eventually, the coral reefs.

Constant trade winds impede mosquitos, while lush tree canopies and steep valleys provide shade at many sites.  Use eco-friendly and biodegradable sunscreen and mosquito repellant if you must.  Wearing UV protective swim clothing like surf shirts is a great alternative to sunscreen.    They are cool while hiking, dry fast, and the long sleeve ones will also protect you from mosquitos. 

Please keep in mind to also preserve the culture and privacy of the residents who live along the Road to Hāna.  Some sites are adjacent to homes with napping infants and grandmothers and common courtesy should be exercised while exploring.  Please refrain from parking your vehicle on lawns or blocking gates and driveways.  If you have to cut through someone’s property, you most likely don’t belong there.

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