Roadside Stands Along the Road to Hana

If you choose not to pack a cooler with your lunch, drinks and snacks you may choose to dine at roadside stands or restaurants.

Huelo Lookout Fruit Stand

Since the selling of fresh fruits, flowers, leis, fish or vegetables along the roadside does not require a license, you will find many stands along the road. Many are unattended and based on the honor system requiring payment to be made through a slot in a cash box. Others are attended with friendly salespeople willing to blend your fruit into a smoothie or sell you prepackaged banana bread, coconut candy and local crafts.

Some roadside stands offer prepared foods like restaurants such as fish tacos, hotdogs, kalua pig, local corn on the cob, chili & rice, smoked BBQ and fish & chips. Some of these stands are have a perminant location and others use a vehicle like a lunch wagon.