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Road to Hāna iPhone App

Road to Hāna iPhone App

The RoadToHāna.info is proud to announce our new Road To Hāna iPhone Application available soon.  We are currently Beta-Testing to ensure a smooth run without crashes for your journey along the Road To Hāna.

The app is dedicated to keeping you, your family and friends safe and where you belong while enjoying over 40 sites, activities and eateries along the way. The internet and success of popular guidebooks advertising ‘secret’ spots along the Road to Hāna have led thousands of visitors to trample and damage delicate eco systems leaving behind slicks of harmful chemicals from sun lotion and mosquito repellant in the once pristine freshwater pools.   There are enough sites to keep your adventure exciting without sending you trespassing to ‘secret’, hidden and dangerous spots which can gain you ‘stink eye’ from the locals, a rescue from the Maui Fire Department or worse.  

iPhone App Price – Only .99¢

Road to Hana iPhone App

You’ve spent astronomical amounts of money for your airfair, hotel, dining and rental car during this extremely rough economy. The last thing you need to spend your money on is a $19.99 one -time CD or a $2.99 iPhone App with a required in-app purchase of $5.99 to help you enjoy the Road to Hāna.  My rescue dog Huli and I have traveled and explored the Road to Hāna for many years and offer you this iPhone App for the low price of a bowl of kibble for Huli…99¢.

Why this Road to Hāna App?

This app is dedicated to the Road to Hāna only and is more detailed in this area than any other app for Maui. Due to the topography and isolation along the Road To Hāna, cell phone reception from towers and WiFi is extremely limited causing apps using GPS to continually ping the satellite and possibly run down your iPhone battery before reaching Hāna.

Road to Hana iPhone Application

Road to Hana iPhone App Sites & Food Options

This iPhone App is especially designed with this in mind.  The information, tips, sites & maps are all static and can be accessed on your iPhone or iPod after download even if you are on the moon!

Featuring over 40 sites, adventures and eateries documented by mile markers along the Road to Hāna.

Information, directions, static maps, photos, menus and prices are available at your fingertips giving you the option to create your own custom adventure. It’s impossible to see all the sites in a day so ‘must see’ sites are highlighted.


Easy to read static maps for the Road to Hāna.

Road to Hana iPhone App

Waikamoi Falls & Pool Map

Static maps of the road to Hāna are at your fingertips even without cell phone reception.  Easy to read and clearly documented by mile markers, these maps clearly guide you to any of the 40+ sites and eateries along the Road to Hāna.



Driving Tips & Etiquette

Road to Hāna Driving Tips & Etiquette

Handy Tips, Driving Etiquette, and Safety Information at Your Fingertips.

 This page is currently under construction, please check back soon for updates.  My apologies for the inconvenience.








Road to Hana iPhone App Tips

What to Bring & Wear on the Road to Hana






The Road to Hana

The Road to Hana Backside, Reverse Route, History & Driving Tips At Your Fingertips