The Mongoose Ate My Cows Kids Road Trip Game

What is the best way to count cows?  With a cow-culator of course!  Here are the directions for a fun Road to Hāna kids road trip game.  Adults can play too.

Divide the car occupants into teams – left side and right side. Decide how you will determine when the game will end (time, length of trip, etc.).

Count the cows, sheep, goats, birds and other animals you see on your side of the car.  If you pass a field full of lots of animals, you’d better count fast!  For any animal, count 1 point; however, there are a few exceptions:

  1. If you see a mongoose (ferret type animal) crossing the road to your side of the car, you lose all your cows (points) — but only if the opposing team calls out “the mongoose ate your cows!”
  2. A dog in the back of a pickup truck can count as a 10 point bonus as long as you are the first team to shout “Dog in the back of a pickup!”.   It does not matter whose side of the car the dog or pickup is on.
  3. 20 Bonus points are awarded for the first team to shout out the name or year on a bridge.  It does not matter whose side of the car the bridge names and dates are on.

You can use distraction tactics to either cause your opponents to miss cows (or other animals) on their side of the road or to miss a mongoose on your side of the road. The team with the most cows (points) wins!

Here is a point system you might like to use to make it a little more challenging:

  • Cows, Goats, Sheep or any animal (except Mongoose) = 1 point
  • Horse  = 5 points
  • Pony = 10 points
  • Chicken = 5 points
  • Dogs in back of a pickup = 10 points
  • Windmill = 20 points
  • A name or year on a bridge = 20 points
  • Mongoose = wipes out points.  Start back at zero (0)