Traveling with Kids

Keiki (pronounced kay key) is the Hawaiian word for kids.  The Road to Hana is a great opportunity for keiki to have fun and spend some quality time with you.   Here are a few tips to make your day easier.

  1. Give your kids an allowance for the day.   Tell them that it is for souvenirs, drinks and snacks and when it’s gone, it’s gone.  Whether it is for a shark’s tooth necklace or a fresh coconut drink at a roadside stand, help your kids to budget wisely.
  2. Give your kids a map of their own to follow and let them keep track of where you are with a crayon or marker.  They can navigate themselves and for once,  you can be the one to ask…”Are we there yet?”.  If they are old enough, teach them about map orientation and navigation with your smartphone compass at one of your stops.  They will be learning valuable skills while having family fun.
  3. Give your kids a camera to take their own photos.  When they get home, they can make their very own scrapbooks too.
  4. Play car games.  I see something green!  While it is doubtful you will need to resort to car games, The Mongoose Ate My Cows Road Game can be much fun.